ahuhokay (ahuhokay) wrote,

This summer has been an important one. I've discovered many things about myself.. And others... Good,and bad. I've learned to trust some people more. And more pple less. I have been through my lowest low. And my highest high. now.. im not sure that that is healthy. but right now i am glad that i did. because i have all that i need. With NO BULL SHIT. Nothing to distract me from... Well figuring stuff out on my own. I know that sounds selfish and all.. But i finally gave up trying so hard for the people I thought were the people I love... if that makes any sense. I dont need anything of this spiteful nature to tear me up again. when someone says love. it should be forever. not until they figure that they just don't care anymore after having to have claimed. I've found my true friends. My true bosum buddies. the ones who won't kick you when your down. And they wont leave you either. The ones who make you smile againts your will because they know better than you do about what is good for you. the ones who make living worth while.

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And i wouldn't have it any other way.
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