ahuhokay (ahuhokay) wrote,

i looked into the mirror today, and i didnt recognize myself. I dont know anymore who to believe. obviously someone is lying to me... but its like either way, i lose. I dont know what to do about all this. i just need *&#^@ right now. How could anybody love this? What the hell am i getting myself into. i dont know... why.. why would they work so hard for me to believe their lies, or why would she try so hard to make me believe her. I dont like J***a one bit right now. i cant tell if it is because i am jealous, or she is being shady. Am i not believing them because i know they must be wrong, or because i want so badly for them to. im so confused. this isnt right. should i be afraid of michelle?.. or is this all just them trying to manipulate me.

Either way. keep your freinds close, but keep your enemies closer
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